The Ease in legal research

Artificial Intelligence meet legal research

Use the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to speed up your legal research effort by 50%.


Opens in Mobile and Laptop with ease. Access from anywhere. Carry anywhere.


Find judgments using case briefings. Upload or type your query and system finds judgments and laws using AI.

Save notes

Save your research in your own personal note space. Refer them as and when you want. Control your research.

supported courts

We support judgments from Honbl. Supreme Court of India, Honbl. High Courts and Tribunals. You will never miss one.


You can use our tutorials and help pages to understand how to effectively use mLeAP Legal research. 

Up to date

All judgments are up to date. We update our judgment library daily.

Document and Save

Save your research in your briefcase.

mLeAP lets you save all your research and notes linked to a project/case. If that case is pending in front of a court, mLeAP also informs you about the case getting listed in front of a bench. Never miss an opportunity to find what you need.

Search and Analyze

Use Case briefing to run your analysis.

mLeAP understands the case briefing and finds out the judgments which are important for you. It finds out how similar cases behaved in the past with multiple benches.

Arm yourself with information by typing counter arguments and prepare for whatever argument come your way. 


Supported Courts

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