Introducing mLeAP

mobley Legal Analytics Platform

mLeAP is an Artificially Intelligent Legal Analytics platform. It aims to provide a complete solution from legal research to information and case management through artificial intelligence.

Information management and Legal Research in a bundle

mLeAP helps lawyers and firms manage their information and legal research practises using Artificial Intelligence. 


Manage your information and cases easily. Creates the cases you are taking care of and mLeAP handles information related to the case for you.


In case of litigation, use mLeAP to find out the past judgments and case laws using case briefing as input.

Information Management

Manage your information and case lifecycle with ease. List down the cases you are taking care of and get alerts when they get listed on your phone. Invest time in research and track number of hours for each client. Save notes. refer anywhere. Save documents securely and encrypted on cloud.


Our system automatically finds out if the case you are fighting is scheduled to be listed on the court for the hearing. 

manage lifecycle

Track hours, save documents in encrypted form, save notes and access them from everywhere.

Legal Research

mLeAP uses case briefings, case notes, and document inputs to ease your judgment research. Just input the briefing by either typing or uploading a document and find the relevant judgment and case laws with ease. Get more in-depth analysis using our AI system.

Find judgment and take notes

mLeAP has judgments from Supreme Court, High Courts, and Tribunals. So you will find what you are looking for, all using just the case briefing. What more, you can save all your finding in your own personal note.

Analyze and define success score

Use our AI-Powered analysis engine to do an in-depth analysis of the judgment. Take notes and also find how a bench views your case using our bench analysis.


Don’t believe us? Find out what others have to say about our platform.

This is awesome. mLeAP Legal Research has made my life so easy. The tribunal support is something which I find very useful. All the best.

Prashant Kumar

IT Lawyer, Patna High Court

Searched a judgment from the Supreme court on all other products to no avail. Found it on mLeAP® with crude English. Awesome!

Praveen Kumar

Legal Department, BSEB Patna

As a startup, compliance was always a tricky part for us. mLeAP’s compliance system makes it so easy for us to track all our compliances. 

Anjum Sharif

Head of Operations, Bonoride

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mLeAP in News

We have been featured in multiple news agencies and have won numerous accolades for our platform.